Cybellum Product

Security Operations

Continuously monitor and mitigate risks, ensuring components and vehicles stay secure post-development

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Purpose-built for the automotive industry, Cybellum’s Product Security Operations enables you to:

  • Track threat intelligence
  • Assess impact and cut incident response times
  • Minimize your exposure to liability claims and brand erosion
  • Automate vehicle security upkeep, without requiring embedding any code in your vehicle components

Cybellum Product Security Operations

Automation of Security Events Monitoring & Triaging

Always-on Surveillance

Monitor new vulnerabilities, threats and exploits in real-time via aggregated public and private threat intelligence feeds

Bring Context to Chaos

Filter out the noise by understanding if and how threats impact your assets, so you can focus on real risks and prevent security incidents

Cut Response Times

Empower your PSIRT to quickly zero-in on the root-cause of incidents, speeding up forensic analysis and supporting them with mitigation recommendations

Ongoing Impact Analysis

Get on top of your asset inventory and ongoing exposure to risk to continuously assess your fleet’s security status and advance your cyber resilience

Understand Attack Chains

Determine the impact of relevant vulnerabilities on discrete components, analyze possible attack chains and evaluate your vehicle’s overall risk level

Orchestrate Mitigation

Frictionless integration with your SIEM, ERP, OTA and VSOC systems allow you to respond to threats quickly and efficiently

Comply with Regulations

Comply with continuous vulnerability management requirements set by regulations and standards such as UNECE WP.29 and ISO/SAE 21434

Agentless Security

A backend-only platform that does the security maintenance heavy lifting for you, minimizing manual work and simplifying your playbooks



Cybellum’s platform helps you navigate compliance with ISO/SAE 21434 and UNECE WP.29 R155 regulation – covering everything from risk assessment and vulnerability management, all the way to documentation and readiness for auditing.

Proactive Security

Identifies emerging threats on the road, so you keep your software secure

Simple Deployment

Offboard solution – no vehicle-side integration or installation required

Shift To Automatic

Cut complexity and speed up security operations and incident response

Full Risk Visibility

See how threats impact your entire fleet, so you can up your cyber resilience


Pre Production SOLUTION

Learn more about Cybellum Product Security Assessment, the solution that secures automotive software components throughout development, integration and production.

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