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Automotive Cybersecurity Risks

Our CEO Slava Bronfman talked with Steven Bowcut at the Brilliance Security Podcast. They discussed the current and future cybersecurity threats in the automotive industry, and ways to mitigate them. Tune in to learn how the automotive industry is catching up to security risks.

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Cybersecurity Regulations Readiness – 2021 Industry Survey by Cybellum & ASRG

Only 6% are fully ready for the upcoming UNECE WP.29 R155 regulation. That’s one of the key findings in our recent survey of OEMs and Tier-1s conducted with the ASRG. The survey sheds light on the current state of vulnerability management practices, covering  issues such as: Time and effort for risk assessment Vulnerability management use […]

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Keeping Vehicles Safe in the Age of Software (by Strategy Analytics)

Strategy Analytics interviewed multiple executives at automotive OEM and Tier 1 suppliers to get a sense of the organizational measures that have been taken to confront the growing cybersecurity threat. Key finding include: OEMs face a supply chain cybersecurity challenge unmatched by any other industry Tier-1s claim that OEMs are not ready for WP.29 R155 […]

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The State of Automotive Software Security 2021

This report provides an in-depth snapshot of the current state of automotive software security. The report is based on extensive analysis of automotive ECU software by the Cybellum Research Lab. Key findings include: Automotive vulnerabilities are not “regular” vulnerabilities Aging software poses operational risk Automotive software is not immune to supply chain vulnerabilities Memory corruption […]

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Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year Award 2021

Find out why Frost & Sullivan believes Cybellum is favorably positioned to win trust among automakers and its solutions are “more reliable and process‐efficient than competitors”. After rigorous research, analysis and evaluation of multiple nominees, Frost & Sullivan concluded that Cybellum excels in the vehicle security and risk assessment space, in criteria such as: Addressing […]

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What are Cyber Digital Twins

What are Cyber Digital Twins and how they can be used for cybersecurity analysis?   As IoT devices become hyper-connected and software driven, there’s a growing risk that cyber vulnerabilities introduced through accidental errors, lack of secure-coding practices, or insecure open source software, may be exploited by malicious entities. This is where Cyber Digital Twins […]

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Mapping WP.29 to the ISO/SAE 21434

Mapping WP.29 CSMS Requirements to the ISO/SAE 21434 Standard   Learn how the Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) requirements set in the UNECE WP.29 GRVA regulation map to the process requirements of the ISO/SAE 21434 standard.

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A special episode of the Future Car Podcast

Our CEO and Slava Bronfman discusses the layers involved in securing a vehicle software, and how to stay one step ahead of hackers.

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Integrating CSMS with PLM to Support Upcoming Regulations

Integrating the cybersecurity processes into your product planning and production, to comply with WP.29 and ISO 21434. A joint session by Cybellum and PTC.

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Challenges in Real-Life Automotive Firmware Analysis

What techniques and tools could be used for an effective vulnerability management analysis of automotive firmware? Our VP Product Development, Eyal Tarttiel, provides detailed answers, while performing real scenarios firmware and CVE analysis.    

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Supply Chain Transparency Through Digital Twins

How can OEMs and Tier-1s overcome their complex and practically-invisible software supply chain via Cyber Digital Twins technology? 20-min webinar by Slava Bronfman, CEO of Cybellum

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Speeding Up Vehicle Vulnerability Management with Context Based Analysis

In this webinar (done collaboration with ASRG) we will demonstrate how a better understanding of the context in which vehicle software components operate accelerates vulnerability management, helping product security teams focus on the risks that matter the most.

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Extending Digital Twins into Cybersecurity

As automotive manufacturers continue their pursuit of the software-defined vehicle, they must recognize that cybersecurity approaches, processes, and tooling must evolve. Read what IDC Analyst Matt Arcaro, Research Manager, Digital Automotive and Transportation Strategies has to say about that as he discusses: Opportunities to enhance vehicle cybersecurity visibility and performance Applying the concept of Digital […]

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Regulations, Standards and Best-Practices Knowledge-Base

A knowledge hub that serves as a home for educational resources on cybersecurity regulations, standards and best-practices, intended to help OEMs and their suppliers navigate the troubled waters of compliance.

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The Blueprint of a Vulnerability Management Program

For many organizations, having a vulnerability management program comes down to searching for hacker chatter on the dark web and keeping an eye on published CVEs. Yet, in today’s world this is not enough. With threats on the rise, you need a fully scaled vulnerability management operation. This eGuide, based on Cybellum’s extensive work with […]

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Preparing for WP.29 – From Home

Learn How to Prepare for the WP.29 Automotive Cybersecurity Regulation – From Home In this 20-minute on-demand webinar, we discuss the current state of automotive cybersecurity and explain how stakeholders can prepare for UNECE WP.29. Presented by Eyal Traitel, Head of Customer Success at Cybellum.

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A Review of ENISA 2019 Automotive Practices

A review of the latest ENISA (the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity) report on the importance of cybersecurity for connected cars. Download to get the ENISA guidelines, insights on the challenges the industry is facing today around automotive cybersecurity and how recent standards suggest handling. This review includes a reference to each category in the […]

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